LCS Technologies, Inc: An Experienced and Knowledgeable “One-Stop Shop” for all Oracle Products

Steve Simonetto Founder, President, & CEO
Although a dominant distributer of hardware and software tools that have aided numerous industries and businesses to streamline and increase productivity over the years, Oracle’s sheer size and number of products can challenge even satisfied customers, who report that Oracle can be a complex partner with which to do business.

Once the Oracle products are purchased, customers (particularly CIOs, IT personnel, and Business Users), seek cost-effective, direct and accessible consulting services to ensure the Oracle solution best meets their specific business needs. To achieve these goals in a timely manner, increase productivity without increasing budgets, and upgrade strategy and training as needed -- without being overwhelmed, navigating a dense, multi-layered corporate entity -- many executives have found a reliable Oracle Implementation Partner best meets their Oracle services needs. Sacramento, California-based LCS Technologies, Inc., has quickly become the Oracle Implementation Partner of choice, recommended by both customers and Oracle as a respected alternative to large or complicated service/training options.

LCS Technologies is a highly-respected, national company that has been embraced by customers as an experienced and knowledgeable “one-stop shop” for all Oracle products and services. Founded in 2006 by former Oracle executives who maintain an excellent relationship with their former employer, LCS Technologies is an authorized reseller of Oracle products and support, as well as “Oracle University” (awarding LCS the Oracle University, “Newcomer Reseller Award,” for Fiscal Year 2013).

LCS’ leadership has positioned the company as a high-value alternative to Oracle Consulting (OC) and the major integrators; directing LCS’ OC alumni consultants, with laudable experience and skill-set, to deliver exceptional execution for LCS’ customers. The company also leverages the Cloud to support their internal systems; which minimizes LCS’ overhead costs, and makes them highly competitive on their pricing, and exceptionally responsive and timely for their customers.

As the single source for Oracle services and software, LCS helps customers to maximize their IT infrastructure by optimizing their Oracle software environment.
Among LCS’ services include: Oracle Application Management, Assessments and Upgrades, Oracle Database Management, Architecture and Upgrades, Managed Services and Staff Augmentation Solutions, Oracle University Training Consultation and Resale, and Oracle Business Intelligence Solutions, among others.

Differentiators that sets LCS Technologies, Inc. Apart

“What sets LCS apart from others, is our custom process methodology that analyzes and evaluates the true performance of an Oracle-based infrastructure,” states Steve Simonetto, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of LCS Technologies, Inc. “For every project, LCS uses our custom process methodology and proprietary tools, partnering with the customer to quickly identify, and then execute, solutions that fix their problems, decrease their costs, and increase their productivity; in many cases revealing no need to upgrade or purchase further, expensive hardware solutions.”

Simonetto explains that when faced with operations issues, or simply rapid growth, many IT executives are forced to rely on out-of-context performance indicators to make equipment/solution purchase/expansion decisions – often resulting in higher overall costs, from hardware components-to-long-term maintenance.

LCS’ proprietary methodology, innovative solutions, and reliable and quick customer service, have attracted many notable customers to the relatively new firm, including the California Department of Justice, City of Phoenix, California Technology Agency, CalPers, California Department of Consumer Affairs, Burbank Water and Power, County of Kings, California Department of State Hospitals, and private telecommunications and retail companies.

Roadmap Ahead

LCS Technologies’ future plans include growing its national presence, and through hiring superlative talent acquisition. The company also intends to continue its growth in its targeted markets where they have the domain expertise to solve business problems; and continue to aid its customers to solve business problems and be more effective, using Oracle technologies and solutions.

LCS Technologies, Inc


Steve Simonetto Founder, President, & CEO

A provider of Oracle software and services needs empowering the customer's IT infrastructure