Innovus Partners, LLC: Experts in Leveraging Oracle Business Analytics

RJ Linehan, Managing Partner
“There is a renaissance taking place in Business Analytics. The explosion of data— unstructured and structured, is producing a wealth of never seen before analytics to help organizations drive business performance. If a company learns how to harness the power of this information, they will gain a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace,” opines RJ Linehan, Managing Partner at Innovus Partners. Addressing this need, the NY-based firm delivers enterprise performance management (EPM) and business intelligence (BI) solutions in collaboration with Oracle.

Being an Oracle Gold Partner, the company specializes in Oracle/Hyperion EPM and BI implementation services and solutions. Imperative to developing these solutions is establishing a platform that supports a closed-loop process for Consolidation and Reporting, Planning and Forecasting, and Business Intelligence. “As a trusted advisor, we partner with our clients to champion their vision of business analytics and help navigate the complexities of delivering that vision across the enterprise,” states Linehan. Innovus Partners helps clients design, develop, enhance, and migrate the EPM and BI solutions in the Oracle/Hyperion environment.

In tandem, Oracle now offers their applications as Cloud Services providing organizations with world-class solutions with no investment in infrastructure. Innovus is supporting these Cloud offerings with “Quick Start” development packages. For instance, Innovus offers a Quick Start for Oracle’s Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS). RJ explains, “The goal is to rapidly deploy a solution that helps companies realize a quick return on their application investment. Then, enhance the platform with more applications to gain a better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over time”.

Oracle has made enormous strides in the capabilities of their Business Intelligence platform. Users can access information from anywhere in their organization and view it in a spreadsheet or a dashboard, from a browser to a mobile device, from anyplace in the world. The new Business Intelligence Foundation Suite (BIFS) provides access to a powerful data store called Hyperion Essbase.

As a trusted advisor, we partner with our clients to champion their vision of business analytics and help navigate the complexities of delivering that vision across the enterprise

“This is a game changer for us”, claims Linehan. “Essbase is an incredibly malleable technology that we leverage to swiftly create prototypes to help users visualize the solution and sign-off in design before we start development. This, coupled with our collaborative development process, helps insure project success. It’s all a part of our innovative agile project development methodology that we feel differentiates us in the marketplace.”

In a recent analytics and planning implementation highlight, Innovus Partners assisted one of the largest providers of human resource and payroll business processing organizations with the challenge of analyzing their workforce of over 50,000 employees. “A company’s workforce, especially in the area of Services, represents a large operational cost and any efficiency the company can realize has a dramatic impact on their bottom line,” explains Linehan. The resulting solution provided one version of the truth to Headcount and FTE measures as well as insight into optimal employee mix, overtime cost control and a foundation for profitability in a global services organization.

In the road ahead, the company plans to continue their strategic partnerships with clients and advance their use of business analytics. Collaborating with Oracle, Innovus Partners will foster new and innovate ways to analyze structured and unstructured data to provide insight and drive performance. “Persistently, we will partner with our clients to develop a comprehensive business analytic platform that gives them a competitive advantage in the marketplace,” concludes Linehan.

Innovus Partners, LLC

Somers, NY

RJ Linehan, Managing Partner

Specializes in Oracle/Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) services and solutions