Origin Consulting, LLC: Uncovering Possibilities with Oracle

Mark Black, Founder & CEO
As a young man, I intuitively planned and maintained systematic order to accomplish tasks whenever I felt there was more to do than time would allow. I follow this practice in my business and professional life and believe that an orderly business flow creates efficiency, leading to optimal operational and financial performance,” explains Mark Black, Founder and CEO, Origin Consulting. Following this philosophy, Black steers his company to specialize in delivering quality services in and around Oracle Utility applications. As a consulting firm that focuses on the energy and utilities industry, Origin Consulting’s expertise involves implementing and supporting applications that are core to every utility’s business. The utility market demands such expertise; utility companies attempt to marry an operational need to be proactive with their business and technological investments without impacting a community of scrutinous customers. However, Origin Consulting believes that expertise alone is not enough to deliver on these needs; it couples this expertise with the passion and vision to go the distance.

“By being an ardent believer in delivering perfection and going the distance, I completed various ultra marathons and an Ironman. I encourage the same tenacity to drive Origin forward,” says Pamela Glanvill, President, Origin Consulting. Pamela’s standpoint to embrace difficult situations with this endurance is reflective of the company’s commitment to extending its offerings from environment management and sizing, comprehensive solutions, and application implementation to meet the needs of the evolving utility landscape.

“We strive to stay ahead of the market and our customers’ requirements by investing in Oracle specializations,” asserts Black. While the focal point of the Oracle Utilities solution stack has shifted from database to web application server and fusion middleware over the past decade, Origin remains on the leading edge of this transition. The company provides customers with fully-redundant, clustered application environments services that allows for zero-outage disaster recovery. In addition, to combat the hacking of data, Origin has also implemented security software that strips the data of confidential information in environments that are vulnerable to security breaches.

We will continue investing in accelerators and tools that enhance the Oracle Utility solutions while considering the demands in the Utility industry

“Origin embraces the Oracle Partner philosophy of specialization,” says Black. To deliver on this specialization, Origin partners up with customers to successfully deploy new Oracle Utility offerings such as Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing (CC&B), Oracle Utilities Customer Self-Service (OUCSS), and other Oracle Utility applications and integrations.

By collaborating with Origin, many customers have received products that utilize out-of-the-box functionality to meet their needs for long-term usability and user-friendly processes. For one of its clients, Origin is implementing a private cloud solution in response to its client’s requirements for a self-service offering that uses Oracle Utilities technology without the need to retain the required skills in-house to maintain the solution.

Origin is focused on delivering services that bring value and enhance solutions that drive customer satisfaction. In an effort to stay ahead of the competition, Origin’s team is always working to refine its existing implementation methodologies, and accelerators with every Oracle project they undertake. “We will continue investing in accelerators and tools that enhance the Oracle Utility solutions while considering the demands of the utility industry. Our measure of success is in what we can deliver, as well as positioning ourselves to always make good on our promises,” concludes Pamela.

Origin Consulting, LLC

Las Vegas, NV

Mark Black, Founder & CEO and Pamela Glanvill, President

Provides expert implementation services for Oracle Products to both the public and private sectors