10 Most Promising Oracle Consulting/Service Companies - 2019

Oracle product implementation is usually accompanied by a baggage of challenges which have been difficult to mitigate. For instance, seamless integration of the Oracle cloud with a firm’s existing private data center is often decelerated by data governance integrity challenges. Data governance and migration is dependent on a set of policies that organizations need to comply with. Thus, many enterprises are seeking the assistance of consultant firms to adopt Oracle solutions tailored to suit their business needs and overcome the many hurdles plaguing them. Experts from consulting firms can effortlessly alleviate the need to deal with complexities involved in compliance for their clients.

The recent times have seen the emergence of many partner firms who have been assisting enterprises worldwide with the integration of Oracle products into their existing ecosystem. Many of these trusted integrators of Oracle solutions have even earned the title of ‘Gold Partner’ and have been the trusted consultants to corporations across sectors. In the wake of the need among enterprises to adopt Oracle’s solutions, our editorial board conducted a comprehensive study of leading partner companies. This edition of our magazine, a compilation of 10 Most Promising Oracle Consulting/Service Companies - 2019, is a result of their efforts. We hope this attempt helps bridge vendors with enterprises that are in pursuit of cutting-edge Oracle solutions.

Top Companies

Centroid is a cloud services company and Oracle Platinum and MSP level partner, offering professional consulting and manged cloud services. From applications to technology to infrastructure, Centroid’s end-to-end capabilities help clients modernize, transform, and grow their business to the next level. Centroid serves midmarket and enterprise-level companies, a majority of whom are in the manufacturing or distribution sectors, with others in banking, finance, and entertainment. Irrespective of the industry vertical, Centroid has identified that the key workload management challenges for their clients come from the pervasiveness of the industry’s cloud-first approach

Tharseo IT is a “pure play” Oracle Cloud company specializing in assisting Federal, State & Local agencies move workflows, applications and data to the Oracle cloud. We have in-house expertise in the entire Oracle infrastructure stack including Application developers, IAM, SOA, Weblogic, and DB. Tharseo IT will analyze existing systems or applications, determine the best migration strategy, then pair existing agency resources with our Oracle cloud certified architects to quickly and efficiently migrate portions of a system or entire enterprise systems to the Oracle cloud. Tharseo IT also provides Oracle cloud operations and maintenance support to ensure long term stability and viability

ArcLight Consulting

ArcLight Consulting is a leader in Oracle Cloud implementation services. Its unique delivery model, standardized approach, and proven experience enables us to provide faster deployments leading to greater ROI

CSS International

CSS International offers the Oracle community with the best-in-class execution, project management, and conversion facilities. CSS is a renowned partner for cloud ERP inclusion and implementation, the Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, and industry-wide value chain planning. The company provides large-scale and medium-sized companies in the field of manufacture/distribution, consumer goods (including agri-business and wine & spirits). CSS offers a distinctive template of execution that offers extensive change planning and leadership services. CSS is an established leader in assisting customers to use Oracle's Sustainability Objectives alternatives and has co-developed embedded systems together with Oracle's development group

Evoke Technologies

Evoke Technologies is a world-class software provider of creative facilities for IT. Evoke Technologies is a customer-centered, relationship-based business that aims at providing affordable software and IT facilities. Evoke was established in 2003 and has actively supported worldwide companies to innovate and convert IT companies. They have actively endorsed global enterprises in their efforts to innovate and transform IT companies. Evoke Technologies offers inexpensive, long-term technology alternatives that satisfy the IT difficulties of its customers and provide company value. The organization continually innovates and implements new software methodologies to provide clients with a superior experience

Frontera Consulting

Frontera Consulting is a major supplier of worldwide corporate and technology consulting facilities. The organization helps companies to transform their business successfully, and IT operations through systems and process development managed services, change management, and strategic sourcing. The company’s mission is to effect sustainable change for our clients, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Frontera has profound knowledge in company and technology, including finance & billing, production chain, and client connection governance, in essential company procedures. Frontera Oracle's practice focuses in the areas of finance, supply chain, and CRM, Oracle applications alternatives


Infolob Solution is a significant technology advisory company that provides businesses searching for experts to assist with their digital transformation agenda. The company Infolob Solutions was established in 2009 with highly-skilled, committed experts from a variety of backgrounds, and created a potent combination of high-quality experts to offer clients one of the industry's best products and solutions. Infolob is a consulting, IT management, software for company applications, IT employees, and implementation portfolio leadership leader. The key facilities of the organization include cloud computing, oracle hardware and software resale, structured and unstructured data management


Inoapps focuses on providing its customers with cutting edge Oracle On-Premises and Cloud alternatives, which provide operational excellence and maximize the value of their investment in Oracle. During its Oracle trip, the organization promotes clients with consultation, transformation, corporate shift leadership, hosting facilities, coaching, and first-class managed support facilities and our goods. Inoapp's objective is always to provide the correct answer. The organization offers Oracle applications, software, equipment, and cloud and supports our clients by providing consultancy, execution, governance of business shift and hosting and governance facilities

IT Convergence

IT Convergence is a worldwide Oracle Platinum Partner with an extensive range of facilities across all three cloud pillars (IaaS, PaaS, Saas), including consulting, hosted facilities, managed facilities, Integration, Business Intelligence / Analytics, developments. IT Convergence was founded in 1998 and effectively worked with over 600 significant businesses worldwide, offering superior knowledge in Oracle's corporate implementation, database, and middleware development pile in over 50 nations. As a trusted consultant, the organization operates proactively and strategically with the clients through multi-year commitments and different sector verticals in their IT and company transitions while achieving more effectiveness

Presence of IT

The Presence of IT is a consultancy firm in leading global solutions for HR/payroll and managing employees. The organization’s strength is people's excellence and focuses on its customers. The presence of IT began because founders thought it wasn't well-served or recommended to the human resources society. HR products were comparatively untimely and complicated, and the number of expert funds was restricted. Some of the world's most prominent private and public sector organizations are provided with thinking, process improvement, software deployment, and human capital management assistance facilities


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