Centroid: Driving Digital Transformation with Strategic, Personalized Cloud Choices

Jim Brull, Managing Partner, Centroid
Jim Brull, Managing Partner, <a href='https://www.outsourcemarketing.com/' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Centroid</a>

Jim Brull, Managing Partner, Centroid

I’m a firm believer in the “measure twice, cut once” philosophy, and my team of cloud and Oracle MVP experts at Centroid helps enterprise leaders like you swiftly and confidently choose, implement, and maintain the right cloud solutions that drive your digital transformation. We make sure your cloud choice matches up with your short-term needs, your long-term objectives, and your current in-house skillset.

Digital Transformation Guidance

After predictable growth for the past decade, we’re suddenly seeing digital transformation initiatives explode in response to COVID shutdowns. Nearly every enterprise leader I’ve spoken with this year is racing to find a tech solution that can help overcome massive disruptions to their operations, work environments – even their typical sales processes!

This tactic of overcoming business disruption using technologies and tools that promote agility is called “digital transformation” and many leaders are finding themselves forced into digital transformation plans much sooner than they expected.

Like you, their top transformational priority is to move operations to the cloud, as fast as possible. However, moving at top speed with a cloud migration (like most things in life) can make it far too easy to make mistakes.

The experts on the Centroid team have the deep industry, cloud, and Oracle experience necessary to help time-strapped enterprise leaders strategically navigate through the choppy paths of modern disruption, turning digital transformation into a smooth road that heads straight toward fulfilling your long-term business objectives.

Instant Cloud Agility

I once read a quote from Astro Teller at Google that likened agility to learning how to ride a bicycle. As he put it, stability used to be a static thing. In the past, standing in place created stability. Now with the pace of modern technological change and global disruption, dynamic stability has become the new normal. It’s like riding a bicycle because you can’t stand still – you must stay moving, you must stay agile to maintain your stability. As Astro Teller put it, “We are all going to have to learn that bicycle trick.”

But, let’s face it, it takes time (and some scraped knees) to learn how to ride a bike. Although every 7-year-old in the world wishes learning to ride a bike simply required you to buy the bike, the fact of the matter is that purchasing the bike is only the first step to the whole process.

Similarly, purchasing a cloud solution is only the first step to the whole cloud-based digital transformation process. Before your team is ready to use the cloud to race ahead of your competitors in the real world, you’ll need some training wheels and you’ll need some time to learn.

That’s where Managed Cloud Services come in.

Full-Service Managed Cloud Services

I’ve been in the software consulting business for more than 20 years, and I’ve learned that a critical part of ensuring software success lies in ensuring software support. Like most enterprise leaders transitioning from an on-premises solution to the cloud, you probably have a highly trained in-house team that knows how to confidently handle your on-premises solution. You probably don’t have a highly trained in-house team of cloud experts. (Why would you?)

A Managed Cloud Services Provider like Centroid is the outsourced team of cloud experts you can rely on to handle all the details as your team re-skills in response to your lightning-fast cloud migration.

As I see it, these are the two biggest surprises that enterprise leaders discover when they move to the cloud:

1. Cloud workload migrations require unique cloud capabilities and not just the workload themselves.

2. Cloud cost optimization required in-depth knowledge of how to effectively run and maintain workloads, optimize performance with scale up/down features maximizing business value.

Your team can definitely learn how to confidently handle these cloud “quirks,” but it will take them some time to learn those skills because they’ll also be busy learning how to use, secure, and manage your new cloud setup.

As your team learns, my team at Centroid will act as the “training wheels” that keep your company agile and moving with that dynamic stability you need to succeed. The SOC2 Type II-certified cloud security experts at Centroid will also help you secure, manage, and monitor your cloud setup and performance during your digital transformation process. That way, you can ensure that your organization stays protected and that nothing falls through the cracks as your team is learning how to digitally transform their own day-to-day work habits.

And, of course, once your team is ready to take the training wheels off and race ahead with your new cloud setup, Centroid’s Managed Cloud Services will be there to help with whatever you need them for: tuning your systems, expanding your capabilities, or breaking new ground on your way to your next transformational goals.

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