Full 360: Extending a Systemized Approach towards Oracle Solutions

Rohit Amarnath, CTO & Founder
Oracle has been addressing several critical concerns of organizations across the globe, through their wide swath of products and technologies. Despite the obvious benefits, the Oracle solutions are still faced with some shortcomings. The primary concern, arising due to the vast range of solutions and the massive supportive ecosystem, is that finding the right Oracle partner happens to be a tough task. Frequently, the big solution integrators for Oracle possess the knowledge, but may not have the depth in the inflection points of Oracle solutions and newer technologies, like the Cloud. Full 360, an Oracle Gold partner changes this typical scenario by continuously innovating and applying new technologies to the Oracle ecosystem. The firm has been able to provide deeprooted Oracle solutions for customers planning to move to cloud.

The AWS cloud based hosting and managed services for Oracle Hyperion and Lift and Shift migrations for Oracle Database are among the areas of expertise for Full 360. Coming from the Hyperion side of the Oracle ecosystem, Full 360 offers migration from on premise to the AWS cloud, complete with managed services, post migration. On the Oracle Database aspect, Full 360 has proven proficiency in lift and shift services endowed with the capability to migrate any Oracle database to the AWS Oracle RDS Service.

Through these services, the 360 team tackles an impressive range of daily challenges, such as managing high costs, securing resources to develop Business Intelligence solutions, ensuring scalability and flexibility and the possibility of instability in case of improper installation or configuration.
Full 360 as the Ideal Oracle Partner

The firm had their initial focus on the finance sector, being incepted in the so-called ‘Early Hyperion Days’. Today, the firm led by is able to leverage their years of experience in Oracle Hyperion and Oracle databases.

“One of our solution architects stopped counting when he got over 100 Essbase implementations. Moreover, we utilize technologies such as Cloud and DevOps to avoid human hours for building intelligent applications. Full 360 enables a single solution architect to work on infrastructure, networks, security, design, development, testing & support with minimal effort”, explains Rohit Amarnath, CTO and Founder.

Further, contrary to the mere implementation of systems, Full 360 makes it a systemized approach, banking upon their best practices and hands-on experience in leading-edge environments. The organization encourages an out of the box approach while designing unique solutions for their customers.

In terms of integrating Oracle EPM or Database with the cloud, Full 360 could claim to be the only company, apart from Oracle, to carry out cloud integration for over seven years. With deep expertise in Oracle, Cloud and open source technologies, imparts Full 360 an unique capability to deliver projects with a broad scope of architecture improvements.

Continuing to Grow

Full 360 has always been ahead of the competitive environment, and looks forward to continuing the approach. The upcoming years would remain highly active for the firm, as more companies adopt a “cloud first” approach.

Full 360

New York, NY

Rohit Amarnath, CTO & Founder

A provider of deep-rooted Oracle solutions for customers planning to move to cloud