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Spencer Kupferman, EVP, Worldwide Corporate Affairs
A challenge for Oracle E-business suite users is the time consuming and tedious process of retrieving information from their ERP system for reporting and analysis. Report creation should not be a manual process that takes hours and days, it should take seconds to minutes.

Spreadsheet Server addresses all of these issues by combining the familiarity of Microsoft Excel and the Oracle EBusiness Suite for secure financial and operational reporting, budgeting and automated report delivery. Whether it be working with spreadsheets in the general ledger to produce a balance sheet, income statement, rolling 12 month reporting, or analyzing operational data such as inventory balances, vendor analysis, property management, etc. Denver, CO based Chipotle Mexican Grill has generated a savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars with exception reports with Spreadsheet Server and Clark County Water Reclamation has eliminated bottlenecks and manual processes while saving $391,000 per year.

A Superior Excel-Based Reporting Solution

It is the ultimate fantasy of finance users to be able to use Excel as a true reporting tool to access their Oracle® data. However, most finance users have just settled for the snapshots of stale information that they get now, while IT staff suffer through the hassles of running report after report to provide that static data.

Another significant limiting and cumbersome factor facing the Oracle user community is working with FSG reports. Global’s FSG Replacement solution, replaces the need to export FSG reports into Microsoft Excel from Oracle. It provides dynamic drill down to balances, journals and subledger information within Excel. “Our FSG conversion utility will read your organization’s FSG setups and instantly apply them to Excel. This allows a firm to use well formatted, distribution-ready reports to be converted in minutes by applying our proprietary formulas directly to the spreadsheet,” says Spencer Kupferman, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Corporate Affairs.
He continued, “Upon login, Spreadsheet Server will apply the security previously configured within Oracle based on the user’s responsibility.”

Discoverer Replacement with Spreadsheet Server’s QueryDesigner is quick and intuitive. QueryDesigner facilitates rapid conversion of Oracle Discoverer data making that information spreadsheet ready. Applying Global’s Dynamic Spreadsheet Methodology (DSM) through Smart-Parms gives the user the ability to filter individual datasets or groups of data by ranges all while implementing the use of wildcards without programming. Combining the ability to extract Discoverer data dynamically and securely with the familiarity of Excel provides the ultimate Oracle user experience.

Spreadsheet Server to the Rescue

“The value that we bring is efficiency, timeliness, and security wrapped around the ability to leverage the Microsoft Excel application and the tight integration we foster between Spreadsheet Server and Oracle,” says Spencer Kupferman, EVP, Worldwide Corporate Affairs.

Global currently has more than 5,000 users in 50 different countries. Global Software, Inc.’s worldwide headquarters is located in Raleigh, NC, USA.

Spreadsheet Server, The De facto Standard

Global Software, Inc.,a Gold Level partner, has achieved Oracle Validated Integration status (OVI). “One of our reports took 30 minutes to run before Spreadsheet Server,” said Susan Thomas, Oracle Developer with Chicago, IL based Wolverine Trading, LLC. “Now it runs in maybe 2 minutes. There was a big, huge time savings there!” Wolverine Trading has now replaced Discoverer Reports and BI Publisher—Susan continues “Spreadsheet Server has saved us time, money, and effort!”

Global Software, Inc.

Raleigh, NC

Spencer Kupferman, EVP, Worldwide Corporate Affairs

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