Khanna Consulting: Helping Clients Achieve Real Results through Out-Of-The- Box Thinking

Sanjiv Khanna, Founder
The affairs of the Retail Energy industry are not only very complex in nature, but also continue to evolve due to constant changes in the regulatory and competitive landscape. Additionally, faster adoption of the smarter devices and technologies by consumers adds fuel to the fire. Since every retail energy provider uses a mix of custom home grown applications along with customized off-the-shelf software and out-of-box cloud solutions, it leads to a lot of data duplication and large number of integration points. Houston TX based Khanna Consulting stays abreast of the trends in the industry and helps its clients implement best-in-class systems with simpler integration and flexibility to quickly react to the changes in the regulatory and competitive landscape.

Khanna Consulting, founded by Sanjiv Khanna is a boutique consulting firm that provides end-to-end business and IT consulting to companies in the Retail Energy industry. While Khanna Consulting has technical expertise in Oracle products that is not industry specific, its focus is to be a solution provider specifically for the Retail Energy industry. It has been solving its clients’ business c h a l l e n g e s using several of the Oracle products like Oracle-Siebel, Oracle Utilities, OBIEE, amongst others, as well as custom development using Microsoft’s Dot Net technologies.

The “Out of the Box” Approach

The company offers complete solution lifecycles to customers using the Design, Build and Manage approach. This approach has led to very high customer satisfaction. “We mostly use Oracle products like Oracle-Siebel, Oracle Utilities, OBIEE, etc. for mid-office and back-office solutions. Khanna Consulting also specializes in the digital space and is technology agnostic in the digital space as there are diverse technologies available to deliver digital business solutions that match client’s requirements.
During the Manage phase we make use of proactive agile methodologies to enhance and support the existing technical solutions and assets and make recommendations to the client during the manage phase in order to avoid any major surprises or necessity to rewrite applications down the road,” says Sanjiv. He goes on to add, “There is no other consulting company that focuses on the Retail Energy industry like Khanna Consulting. We have a talented pool of senior-level consultants with deep expertise in the business and most of the popular technologies needed in the retail energy space. As a result of this we have developed a niche expertise that no other consulting company can offer.”

Clients for Life

Khanna Consulting has both onshore and offshore delivery centers. The offshore delivery center is located in India. Khanna Consulting takes pride in recruiting and retaining top of the line talent. Most of the consultants in Khanna Consulting have 20+ years of deep technical experience with very good understanding of the business aspects.

The biggest clients of Khanna Consulting are some of the top retail energy companies, such as, Exelon Corp, Direct Energy amongst others. Khanna Consulting continues to focus in the Retail Energy vertical. It expects this industry to grow at a very rapid pace as more and more states continue to deregulate their electric and gas markets.

In the days to come, Khanna Consulting plans to continue to hire and retain top consultants in the Retail Energy industry so that it becomes a one-stop shop for companies in the industry. Khanna Consulting also plans to build out-of- box processes and solutions using best industry practices that will enable retail energy companies to grow and expand without the need for reinventing the wheel.

Khanna Consulting

Houston, TX

Sanjiv Khanna, Founder

A provider of solutions, products, consulting services, staffing and recruitment solutions for the energy sector, with a special focus on the retail energy industry.