Rubicon Red: Making Customers Cross the Hurdles around the Fusion Middleware Area

John Deeb & Matt Wright, Co-founders The growing impact of Social Media, Cloud and the IoT has compelled enterprise customers to adapt continually. Identifying the potential integration and security levels had been quite a task and this continued to be the talk of the industry as customers looked for solutions, digging down on various technologies and IT landscapes. The adoption of Oracle’s Fusion Middleware consisting of multiple services particularly the integration services designed to facilitate integration with various applications and system environments paved the way for customers who have now turned towards conducting Middleware projects internally. But over the years, there has been an unprecedented rise in the adoption of Middleware projects with more focus centered on security, integration, BPM and many others. Historically, the process of provisioning Oracle Fusion Middleware environments has been a manual process, performed by third party consultants. This has proved to be time consuming, error prone and expensive. This is where Rubicon Red has stepped in. Founded in the year 2009, by two Oracle Senior Directors John Deeb and Matt Wright, a true industry player, Rubicon Red runs and operates FusionCloud, one of the firm’s core offerings that enables customers to have a predefined standard set of environments in a private or public cloud offering. Innovating since its inception, Rubicon Red is focused on enabling enterprise agility and operational excellence through the adoption of emerging technologies such as Service- Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM) and Cloud Computing.

Through the FusionCloud offering, organizations can now avail themselves with a Private integration Platform as a Service for Oracle SOA thus enabling scale on-demand and can also provision highly complex Oracle SOA Environments. The offering also enables customers to take their fusion middleware licenses and deploy them to public and private clouds using a very intuitive, easy to use capability that exists in the cloud.

Deploying the Best Practices and the Center of Excellence

John as a CEO drives the strategic priorities in devising new market and growth strategies and Matt, in his position as a CTO has been the General Manager of FusionCloud. Working along the Fusion Middleware, the firm has worked out on certain key elements and offers the FusionCloud, a robust alternative offered to its customers in place of their usual cloud deployments that they have been engaged on over the past years. ‘The Center of Excellence’, is another key element which has been one of the firm’s highlights. Involving the best organizational practices and well defined prescriptive architecture; ‘The Center of Excellence’ adds a lot to the firm’s value addition carrying a plethora of breakthrough experiences it had with its customers over the last decade surrounding the Fusion Middleware technology.
John adds, “Our goal is to reach to customer’s success on the Fusion Middleware cloud leveraging our thought leadership, our experience, innovating along the way thus making sure that the customers get the most out of there Fusion Middleware investment”.

One of Rubicon Red’s customers, Eaton adopted the Oracle SOA Suite to meet the rising demands to scale and be adaptable to new environments. But over the past years, provisioning Oracle Fusion Middleware environments has been a manual process proving to be time consuming and expensive too. With FusionCloud, Eaton is able to provision a highly complex Oracle SOA Environment at the push of a button, with the entire process taking minutes. This would previously have required them to engage a third party consultant to create manually, typically over a period 6 weeks, and with an impressive 99 percent reduction in the time taken to provision a Middleware Environment. This work can now be performed by Eaton employees, without the need to engage third party consultants.

Enabling the Middleware Establishment

Setting up the Middleware platform has been a tedious practice over the years as customers have struggled building solutions around it time and again. Also they have been shelling out investments in months, in most cases weeks trying to set up the environment and make those platforms workable. Although, the environments are set up, their complexity leads to customers’ falling behind in understanding and managing them and thus lot of time is spent on troubleshooting. Rubicon Red’s idea behind the FusionCloud positions itself as a tailor made solution to combat these scenarios. With a completely automated solution the firm provisions for an initial platform in a very short time rather than waiting days and weeks to manually provision it. The FusionCloud enables customers to automate that entire process and also helps them create sound governance around it. With a drag and drop environment, customers can now visualize from a platform point of view and then at the push of a button they can deploy that into the public cloud such as the Oracle or AWS or onto a private cloud. Hitting on some of the challenges that customers had faced and how the firm aided, Matt Wright, CTO, Rubicon Red says “Customers are majorly focused on building solutions on the platform rather than building the platform itself, since it takes a lot of time and investment. We come here to help our customers take all that pain away of building a platform, and this is the whole idea of the FusionCloud which gives our customers a simple platform and then enables them to build more and innovate more”.

The firm since its inception is helping customers do the right thing by making the right thing easy in terms of establishing consistent approach to the development and deployment of fusion middleware projects. One of the customer challenges to which the firm has successfully responded to is in the initial setting up of the environment. With great inconsistency looming around customers who are trying to estimate projects in terms of time taken, evaluating efficiency and the deliverables required in developing integrations, applications, workflows, Rubicon Red here has created an impact for the long run by building some of the best practices in the use of the Oracle Fusion Middleware technology; Specifically in the Fusion Middleware, The Oracle SOA, and BPM weblogic components.
Rubicon Red has devised a clinical approach in serving its customers which adds to its value addition. The firm enables its customers to develop consistently by going through their complete project lifecycle, the initial requirements gathering, the solution blue prints, the technical design, the testing and the deployment and a range of standards that customers can deploy within their team to ensure project consistency. This consistency generates them the ability to automate their development lifecycle from the point of build till the deployment stage in real quick time and in a cost effective manner.

Our goal is to reach to customer’s success on the Fusion Middleware cloud leveraging our thought leadership, our experience, innovating along the way

Crossing the Rubicon

The firm apart from being the technology disruptor has also been an educator, educating people on certain design patterns and implementing solutions on the Middleware stack. The firm has authored a few books on the Oracle Fusion Middleware explaining the usage involving the best practices from a development point of view, in architecting and building solutions on the stack, administering and operating solutions on the stack and more. Rubicon Red has been recognized at innovation awards and technical achievements in the Fusion Middleware arena. Being recognized as one of the leading technology partners by Oracle, Asia Pacific is a testament to the firm’s expertise around the Fusion Middleware Platform and one can only see the firm’s dominance around the platform with most of its customers associated with Fusion Middleware.

With over 60 staff, the firm has offices in all the major states in Australia and also an office at Redwood City California. Rubicon Red has established its customer market in Australia and New Zealand and also in some parts of the Asia Pacific.

True to its name Rubicon Red derived from the idiom “Crossing the Rubicon”; the firm has helped many of its customers to narrow down on the right services and products that were suited to them. It has helped them to the important decision of crossing the shallow river knowing that there is no way back. In doing so, Rubicon Red ensures that customers can leverage the most out of their investment with fusion middleware in the ongoing enhancement of solutions and development in the future, to make things elementary for the customers, striving to solve all the complex problems so that it helps customers focus on the other parts of their business and deliver value.

Rubicon Red

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John Deeb & Matt Wright, Co-founders

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