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Enterprise customers looking for ways to secure applications and data within Cloud and Big Data platforms along with critical infrastructure is gaining prominence. Oracle Identity & Access Management (IAM) Platform has been one of the most trusted platforms providing enterprises with a robust framework for life-cycle management and governance of identity and access. Enterprises are increasingly looking at means to capitalize their investments on Oracle IAM to address evolving security needs.

Purchase Applications not Consulting Services: Implement Oracle IAM faster and cheaper

Identifying the crowded market for implementation based services; Saviynt, headquartered in California, has distinguished itself from the lot by driving an application centric approach as opposed to the service based one. Through its application centric model, the firm has encapsulated best practices, an insight gained from different OIM implementations. Saviynt’s unique app centric model essentially provides an OIM App that embodies several features such as:
• Intuitive and intelligent Access Request and Review system
• Risk-based Enterprise Workflow that is proven to cater to over 90 percent requirements of managed applications
• Rapid application on-boarding module
• Access life-cycle management modules including AD Group Provisioning and Management, Contingent Worker Management, Privilege Account Management, etc.
• Attribute based Role Assignment
• Built on standard Oracle ADF and SOA ensures easy future upgrades

This has yielded in an application that is easily deployable on the OIM platform and is helping organizations getting through tedious upgrade cycles. After an upgrade from Oracle is available, the firm then releases its updated application within four weeks for clients to avail the latest capabilities. In the words of Sanjeev Nimmakayala, Director of Field Operations, Saviynt, “Our OIM App promotes a best-practice driven ‘configure’ instead of ‘customize’ model while implementing OIM thereby drastically reducing deployment time and effort. For example, our application onboarding solution empowers business/applications owners with a wizard to identify parameters that modulate the enterprise workflow behavior and auto-populate the connectors.”

Through its application centric model, the firm has encapsulated best practices, an insight gained from different OIM implementations

OIM Application for Cloud Security, Critical Applications & Data Protection

Increasing adoption of Cloud, Big Data, and Mobile means enterprises are dealing with newer security and compliance challenges. Saviynt through their recent apps on OIM is helping organizations understand the critical data and security intricacies for assets out on Cloud (Office365, Box, Workday,, Big Data (Hadoop, SAP HANA) and critical infrastructure platforms (SAP, Epic, McKesson, Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, and others).The multi faceted app comes with capabilities such as:

• Classify
o Identify and classify data based on risk residing in various Cloud, Big Data and critical enterprise applications e.g. content management, SharePoint, etc.

• Analyze
o Discover user access, application resource/entitlement hierarchy, external shares, etc.

• Secure:
o Create rules for access control, define/ manage entitlement models o Manage fine-grained access for various applications
o Perform application role mining/role definition
o Enable data security and SOD controls based on compliance mandates
o Integrate with enterprise access lifecycle management processes

• Monitor
o Continuous reporting of user access
o Identify violations of rules/controls, perform review and remediation

“Saviynt OIM App for Cloud, Big Data and Critical Applications brings game changing protection and governance capabilities to OIM. Organizations can quickly extract the most value from their existing OIM deployments by integrating the Saviynt app. With this, all access and usage data can be aggregated with OIM to create a central platform and enforce consistent access policies across cloud and enterprise applications,” says Amit Saha, COO with Saviynt.

In near future, Saviynt continues to make significant investments in integrating more critical and cloud apps with the OIM platform and pioneer next-gen security capabilities in risk management, analytics, etc. in the meanwhile, the firm has been making significant strides in enabling organizations move away from the traditional services model of customization to configuration based, app-centric deployment of OIM for addressing security and compliance needs.


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