TechnoGems: An Unbiased Approach towards Customer’s Technology Requirements

CIO VendorJean Meslie, CEO
There are very few technology enterprises able to match the achievements of Oracle. The past ten years have seen the firm growing by about 15 percent on an annual basis. Currently, with over $10 billion in revenue, Oracle features among the top three software companies. However, the company has its own set of challenges. One such feature is with respect to the database, for example, while managing multiple systems, different databases assume prominence as people would be using varied databases. As these technologies are combined, it often leads to challenging situations. With the aim to address these challenges, TechnoGems Inc, based in Clifton, VA has partnered with Oracle Corporation. Technogems provide software solutions in Enterprise Architecture, Agile Engineering, System Development and Mobile Development.

TechnoGems Inc, specializes in offering Custom Mobile Apps Development, Android application development and iOS application development for iPhone and iPad. Further, the firm enables expert services in creative design, development, project management, strategy and distribution.

Coming to the Oracle component, the Technogems team has a deep focus on Oracle data solutions. “We work with MYSQL database, a part of Oracle as well. Most of our projects have some database components, and we are experts in incorporating several Oracle features including location services, mapping products and many others. We are also exploring the Oracle Middleware Component”, says Jean Meslie, CEO, TechnoGems.

The firm constantly analyzes and evaluates customer’s needs and facilitates unbiased recommendation on their technology requirements. Their clients are able to leverage technology in their decision making process with the help of the Technogems technical team.
An Unbiased Approach

Technogems, since inception, has been attentive towards finding solutions for customers, instead of delivering their products. It has always been a customer-centric approach, as Technogems always works on finding ways for solving customer’s requirements. “Through our unbiased approach, we ensure that our recognition as a neutral systems integrator is retained. Besides, Technogem’s approach is highly budget-conscious, as we try to deliver value to the customers. Our strategy is based on identifying a particular business’s challenges and process prior to delivering solutions. At times, a change in process would bring in the desired results, and we design the solutions accordingly”, adds Mr. Meslie.

This approach has been the strongest aspect about the company, through which their clients are able to
visualize the end-results.

The Next Five Years for TechnoGems

In the imminent years, Technogems would be concentrating more on the mobile space, especially with respect to the mobile apps. In fact, many of their current approaches are based on strengthening the firm’s presence in the mobile arena. Towards the future, solutions geared to addressing the business needs of small business could be expected, as the company remains focused on enhancing the current products. In the upcoming years, Technogems plans to work towards making open source, java, application development and others accessible to more and more customers. TechnoGems anticipates to be a significant player in the Android, IOS market with location based applications.


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Jean Meslie, CEO

A provider of Custom Mobile Apps Development, Android application development and iOS application development for iPhone and iPad