WebAction: Catering with an end-to-end Real-time Platform and Real-time Data Driven Apps

Alok Pareek, Founder & EVP
As our business world is expanding to new horizons and progressing towards a bigger picture, where competition, opportunities, and threats are heaping in an unprecedented magnitude, enterprises are searching for noble yet simplified end-to-end solutions that can streamline processes and anomaly detection in quick succession. Staying focused on the business logic, monitoring the activity and health of cloud applications, securing networks from online attacks, and monitoring the dynamics of datacenters, to name a few, are the important aspects in contention, which over the years, have risen to the top in the priority list of the corporate leaders. Coming to the aid of such companies and their executives is WebAction, an Oracle partner, which offers easy to use Data Driven Apps providing proactive monitoring and predictive analytics to counter the aforementioned challenges.

Virtue of Real-Time Data Driven Apps

WebAction, founded in 2012, headquartered at Palo Alto, CA, is a leading provider of an integrated end-to-end Real-time App Platform used to build and deploy Data Driven Apps. The Platform encompasses the full data lifecycle, from data acquisition, to processing using a SQL-like language, to delivery via visualizations, alerts, persistence to existing data stores, and integration with enterprise systems. These Data Driven Apps, swift, targeted, quick to deploy, and effortless to extend, are built to focus on a specific use case with the ability to be molded according to the business requirements.

Regarded as the building block of the WebAction’s eminence, the Data Driven Apps offered by the company manifests various significances, and thus have garnered commendable acclamation in the market.
Some of the highlights of these Apps are: proactively managing partner and customer issues, noticing real-time violations of service-level agreements, surveying network attacks in realtime, triggering automatic security measures, fortifying client’s infrastructure and applications, monitoring unusual cloud application activity, and keeping check on login statistics across enterprise platforms.

Oracle’s NoSQL

For delivering persistent data streaming from real-time Data Driven Apps to its clients, WebAction has collaborated with Oracle to use their new NoSQL DB to develop high performance, next generation software.“The new release of Oracle NoSQL Database adds compelling value for developers and IT, like security and data center monitoring enhancements which are critical for enterprise deployments. For WebAction’s predictive data center automation application, we need to have a robust NoSQL back end data store and Oracle NoSQL Database is a natural fit. The new table model and indexing features are also a welcome addition to the latest release, and we plan to take advantage of these features,” mentioned Alok Pareek, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, WebAction.

With just two years in the business, WebAction’s ease of use and end-to-end nature has created disruptions that have overwhelmed many. Its clientele includes some of the eminent banks in Europe, players in cloud vertical, as well as large telecom and online retail companies. Currently, the company is centralizing its focus on the cloud, telecommunications, financial services and online retail industries, which are spanning across US, Europe, and Asian geographies.


Palo Alto, CA

Alok Pareek, Founder & EVP

A provider of WebAction Real-time Enterprise App Platform which is an end-to-end solution enabling the next generation of real-time, data driven apps by acquiring, processing, and delivering structured and unstructured data