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Gordon Rawlins, President
The modern CIO wants to focus his attention on factors that will prove to be quintessential differentiators from their competition. No longer is the skepticism about the physical aspects of technology entertained. The focus for these individuals has shifted toward making accurate and up to date information available, wherever their users are, via any device. “We believe this requires the use of a highly scalable enterprise system delivered via the cloud. Both of these things are made available through the use of Oracle technology,” begins Gordon Rawlins, President, CMiC.

CMiC is an independent software vendor that uses Oracle technology to deliver a highly specialized ERP solution to the construction industry. The firm incorporates functionality for CRM, opportunity management, bid and procurement, budgeting, change orders, forecasting, scheduling, resource planning, financials, and billing, to name a few, as well as the full range of operational modules used in the field to manage construction projects.

CMiC utilizes the Oracle application development framework (ADF) toolset, running on an Oracle WebLogic application server on top of an Oracle database. The full CMiC ERP system consists of over 4,000 programs; however, the methodology used in the development of these programs is unique, and offers flexibility within a simple, easy-to-support framework. Each program does not actually stand on its own. Programs are rendered in Oracle ADF at run-time using ‘program definitions’ stored in metadata and displayed using a single program called UIRuntime.

CMiC is currently developing an enterprise mobile workspace product that leverages the new Oracle ADF mobile toolset to deliver the enterprise system to users via mobile devices. “Oracle ADF mobile is an enterprise development platform that perfectly aligns with our vision for the enterprise mobile workspace,” delineates Rawlins.

JE Dunn Construction in Kansas City recently used CMiC’s technology and rich industry experience successfully with the integration of its SharePoint collaboration solution with its large scale CMiC ECM/ ERP solution.

Oracle ADF mobile is an enterprise development platform that perfectly aligns with our vision for the enterprise mobile workspace

JE Dunn is one of the nation’s largest contractors, and the demands of a fully integrated ERP and ECM solution, spanning thousands of users spread across the entire country, made for a challenging project. With this implementation, JE Dunn employees can utilize structured and unstructured data entered anywhere, by anybody, as soon as it is entered. Costs are updated in real time, change orders are processed, employees are paid, forecasts are calculated and customers are billed–all supported by physical documents, with no need for any data manipulation, uploads, transfers or re-keying of any kind.

CMiC’s metadata-based software development platform is unique, and clearly differentiates CMiC from all competition. “Our primary differentiator, however, comes from being the only provider of a product of its kind being sold into a specific market,” says Rawlins. Paraphrasing Rawlins, it takes commitment and resolve to stick with things over the long term. This is where Oracle has been so important to CMiC.

As the world continues to move away from on-premise software deployments and toward cloud-based deployments, CMiC will continue to lead the way with cloud-based ERP deployments. Over the next few years, the size of CMiC’s addressable market will be increased exponentially via both public and private cloud deployment options. “These cloud-based options provide all the advantages of the Oracle infrastructure without the requirement of any in-house Oracle expertise what-soever,” says Rawlins on a closing note.


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Gordon Rawlins, President

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