Navint Partners: Blending Agility and Responsiveness throughout Consulting

Jim Martindale, Managing Director
Askiing enthusiast, car lover and a technology aficionado—James Martindale, Managing Director, Navint Partners believes that even though every sport involves a fair amount of risk, the essence lies in aggressively striving to achieve the end goals. Martindale uses the same passion for technology and confidence in managing risk to guide Navint Partners consultants as they assist clients to align their critical business strategies with practical and scalable technology solutions. Incorporated in 1991, Navint Partners is a management and IT consultancy that seeks to drive growth through large-scale business change by optimizing business process and deploying enabling technology.

Over the years, the company has matured their services from the traditional ERP related implementations focused on remediating core functionality to now being more focused on transformation-focused consulting. With that, Navint continues to assist clients in their decisions around new software delivery and consumption modes such as Oracle’s SaaS based offerings. “We are business process and optimization specialists and deploy Oracle to meet our customer’s business and technology goals,” Martindale asserts.

The company also focuses on the back office space, where they go deep into the client’s core business processes like Lead to Cash or straight-forward financial operations. Navint assist CFO’s to improve their actual cash functions or improve financial and analytical reporting. Additionally, the company is involved in multiple projects today where disparate functions are consolidated across different locations to improve overall operating efficiency and remove process friction. Through these types of projects Navint often standardizes business processes, enabling organizations to improve their overall delivery of core services. For a company developing a Shared Service approach this drives improvement across the client’s business units.

Recognized for solving complex customer challenges in the Oracle landscape, Navint Partners focuses on ensuring that the customers are well-aware of the technology roadmap they are embarking on.
This would include prioritizing the key success factors of the deployment effort, whether it is third party systems, complex integrations, data warehousing and licensing needs or organizational impact. “What we bring to the client is the understanding that all kinds of projects can be completed successfully, but only with immense planning, forethought, and experienced staffs,” reckons Martindale.

He further indicates that their primary industry focus for Oracle is both Financial Services and Media & Entertainment, both of which are facing continued disruption. For example, the media and entertainment segment is evolving from analog to digital programming, thereby evolving subscription-based services, ad sales and other revenue streams. “We have been able to implement new features and functionality around recurring revenue and subscription billing process business cycle,” says Martindale. “We’re able to accomplish this by having a great understanding of media and entertainment, including the financial systems and all the specifics that are essential to media and entertainment operations”. With this depth of knowledge, the company spring boards its customers into a faster integration.

Over the years, the company has worked diligently to achieve great customer relationships by solving some of the most complex business challenges that clients face today. For instance, Navint entered into a large project for a publishing organization, which had fifteen unique instances of financial systems and ledgers. The client had thirty-seven unique Chart of Accounts across their systems, resident in fifteen different locations. To solve these inefficiencies, the company redesigned and implemented standard unified chart of accounts. Navint combined all of the free standing systems into a single consolidated instance of Oracle. With that the company created a platform with a pre-defined playbook to support other acquisition integration efforts.

Moving forward, the company is closely watching Oracle, on their key product across the Saas or Cloud space—as they are maturing in the space. Navint will not only focus on Oracle’s main products but will continue to offer extensive services across the growing Oracle landscape and their key acquisitions. “Oracle will always be in our periphery and we look forward to investing in their products,” concludes Martindale.

Navint Partners

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Jim Martindale, Managing Director

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