Peopletrail, LLC: Compliant and Simplified Recruiting Process

Wally Davis, President & CEO
To achieve Oracle validation and integration, prospective Oracle partners are required to meet a stringent set of requirements that are based on the needs and priorities of customers. Wally Davis is no stranger to this. As President and CEO of Peopletrail, the Draper, UT-based Oracle Gold Partner, Davis has lead his company to become a trusted partner of the government and Fortune 500 companies by providing the missing pieces that complete the picture of Oracle capital management solutions implemented by the company’s clients. “Oracle’s validated integration with Peopletrail’s technology provides a level of confidence and security for our customers, and enables them to have timely ordering and processing of employee screening through real time data transitions,” remarks Davis.

Peopletrail has established itself as a leader in delivering integrated solutions that centralize the employment and drug screening processes, while eliminating the need for duplicate login and data entry. The company enables its clients to make informed recruitment decisions by providing solutions that range from criminal records verification to driving record and credit reporting. “Our piece of the puzzle helps streamline the recruiting, screening, and the on boarding processes,” adds Davis. “Every time our customer hires an employee, they depend on Peopletrail to screen their applicants, and on Oracle to help manage the human capital aspect of their process.” In a marketplace where there is a dearth of integration solution providers, Peopletrail has made a mark, by virtue of its ISO 9000 certification which makes the company a premium provider of overall screening services to Oracle Taleo cloud users.

“By integrating with Oracle environment, we take the complexity out of the existing systems where customers have to log into multiple systems. Our integration solutions place all the required recruitment information in a single cloud environment—with global access— thereby increasing efficiency in recruitment process,” informs Davis. For driving proficiency, Peopletrail analyzes its clients’ existing Oracle infrastructure to gain a comprehensive understanding of the exact requirements of the client.

The company’s accreditation within the industry and its comprehensive understanding of policy and compliance issues help in establishing a strong, trusted environment.

Our integration solutions place all the required recruitment information in a single cloud environment—with global access—thereby increasing efficiency in recruitment process

The company leverages Oracle communication channel with the in-depth experience of its employees, enhancing every touch point and improving the recruiting outcomes for its customers, all the while delivering a better experience.

The prowess of such an approach is evident in one of the implementation highlights where a client of Peopletrail was facing challenges in managing solutions from multiple vendors integrated in its Taleo environment. Upon realizing that Peopletrail offers a host of solutions integrated within the Taleo environment, the client readily employed Peopletrail to streamline its operations. “We were able to consolidate their vendor specific solutions and create valuable efficiencies. It proved to be a win-win situation,” adds Davis.

Peopletrail helps clients utilize technology to its greatest potential with company’s accreditation, compliance understanding, and ‘human touch.’ “We are staying abreast of the cutting edge technologies by focusing on cloud, mobile, user responsiveness, and providing convenient access and accurate results to our clients,” says Davis. The company is aiming to build business intelligence dashboards to pull information in real time to allow its clients make quick, concise, and informed decisions. Additionally, and more importantly, Davis emphasizes on focusing not only on the technology aspect of the offerings, but also maintaining the ‘human element’ of the business. “We will continue to utilize our team’s knowledge base and intellect to leverage technology and deliver a better process and product to the end user,” says Davis on an ending note.

Peopletrail, LLC

Draper, UT

Wally Davis, President & CEO

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